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Why is Closing Day so Busy?

The day you close on your home is one of the busiest of the entire mortgage process. The home buyer is preparing to move into their new home and are packing up furniture, clothing, appliances – not to mention kids, pets, plants, etc. When closing on a home, the buyer needs to verify their identity for the title company and the lender. Validation for real estate documents takes the form of a notary seal, typically requiring the home buyer and home seller to travel to a notary or title office.

These are some of the documents needing official validation on closing day:

Remember, each real estate transaction is unique so the documents you need may vary. Check with your lender and title company to verify which specific documents you will need.

Notarization Process

Notarization appointments can last hours, depending on the length of the document package. In addition to spending time at the office for closing, borrowers need to coordinate schedules with a notary and plan travel during the busiest day of the home purchasing process. If your lender recommends opting for a mobile notary, please know that you will be inviting a stranger into your home during a busy day and usually incurs an additional fee. Traditional notarization is often delayed or stopped due to travel, illness, or work, adding stress to homebuyers with a tight timeline.

Mid America Mortgage uses technology to support fully digital mortgages, including Remote Online Notarization (RON). RON allows the closing process to be completed from your home, a coffee shop, an Airbnb, or anywhere with internet access. This fully digital process is completely secure with an encrypted audio/video platform and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to confirm one’s identity.

Digital Closings and Remote Online Notarization Save Time

By using a fully digital process, closing day is streamlined. The notary does not need to travel back to their office to scan the documents; once signed, they are scanned immediately. The sooner the documents are received and reviewed, the sooner the homebuyer will get their new house. In addition to all the benefits of digital closings, real estate agents get paid faster when RON is utilized as the funding review process is more efficient.

Simplify Closing Day with Click n’ Close Title

Mid America Mortgage’s reputation is centered around innovation and adoption of technology and prides itself on a digital process. MAM’s passion for technology and digitalization extends to their preferred closing partner, Click n’ Close Title*. Click n’ Close Title specializes in Remote Online Notarization and digital closings while providing an efficient, secure and simple solution to title insurance. To learn more about our preferred title partner and their digital process, visit



*Click n’ Close Title is a wholly owned subsidiary by Mid America Mortgage, Inc.

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