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Home Prices in 2014

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Many industry experts are predicting home prices to climb in 2014 in most markets. While inventory is still limited, more properties are hitting the market giving potential buyers more options and opportunities to find value and the right fit for their needs.  Over the past year, home prices have increased throughout most of the United States with values rising in 225 of the 276 cities tracked by Clear Capital, a real estate data and analysis provider. Nationwide prices increased by 10.9 %, raising the median price for existing homes by $30,000, to $215,000. In a recent article in the Boston Globe,

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What are Real Estate Betterments?

Investopedia defines “betterment” as  A type of action or cost expenditure that contributes towards improving an asset’s performance and/or increasing its value. “Betterments” do not include general maintenance-related actions that seek to sustain an asset’s current value. Simply put, if it makes your property more valuable (better), it’s a betterment. There is such thing as “over-improving” your home. Not all improvements are considered “betterments” because they will not affect your home’s value in the same way. There is a difference between sustaining your homes value and increasing it. Simple home improvements such as painting, replacing shingles, pressure washing the driveway or

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The Pros and Cons of a 15 Year Mortgage

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When considering a mortgage, one of the primary factors to weigh is the length of the loan term. While the conventional 30 year mortgage is one of the most common choices, it may not necessarily be the best choice for every borrower. Ever since the latest housing downturn, more American homeowners are concerned about equity, and with a long loan term, it can take awhile to build a significant amount. Thus, the 15 year mortgage has emerged as another popular home financing choice. With the 15 year mortgage, the 30 year loan’s lifespan is cut in half, and usually has

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